Century Innovation for Subsurface Tile Drainage Envelope Hydroluis New Concept Anti Roots & anti Sediment Never Clogging

A New Drainpipe‐Envelope Concept for Subsurface Drainage Systems in Irrigated Agriculture






  Various filters and envelope materials have been produced in order to prevent siltation and blockage in subsurface pipe drainage systems.  These are organic and inorganic materials, ready rough wound materials, synthetic and organic fibres.  It was determined that Hidroluis pipe-envelope combination showed a great performance in terms of penetration resistance according to the first year’s results of the study conducted in order to determine its potential to be used in subsurface drainage systems as a material that prevents penetration of plant roots into the pipe and that drainage waters carried 34 g m-3  of silt.



What we solved and Why Hydroluis drainage pipe system ?  HYDROLUIS, a new drain–envelope concept, has been developed to overcome the problems of clogging, sedimentation and root growth inside subsurface drainpipes !

Adventage &
Characteristics of Hydroluis® Drainage 
  1. First Anti-Plant roots Drainage pipe On the world. (It does not emit moisture from the pipe holes).

  2. Anti-bacterial (Iron Oxide was effecting Iron Ochre, Calcium carbonate and sulfate was effecting biofilm clogging problems on other drain pipe envelope).

  3. First drainage pipes saving the underground water in drought seasons. Works only when water table rises above specified levels.

  4. Best performance flowing and minimum sediment enterance than all system during land fit period.

  5. Eliminates requirement for annual maintenance or internal cleaning of drainage pipe and guarantees the strength life cycle and operational performance of plastic. 

  6. Showing longer-term operating performance in all types of soil conditions as compared to competing drainage systems.

  7. Long term operating costs of the drainage pipe proves to  be the most cost-effective.

  8. After laying the system, disadvantages of growing plant roots are turned in advantages as this system increases water flow in the direction of drainage pipe.

  9. Usable in shallow impermeable grounds, i.e., near the plant roots.


Clogging problem

with all type envelope

Hydroluis can work

during pipe life period without maintenance

Hydroluis Drainage Pipe New innovation System Always Clear !

Gravel&sand / Fiber Geo-textile Envelope system Problems !!

HYDROLUIS DRAINAGE PIPE SYSTEM Research And Development sponsored by



Hydroluis drainage concept presented in Conference 2015;

Hydroluis Drainage Pipe System Video on Youtube

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